Super fun for all Groups, friends, stag parties/hen parties and company events. We have a number of compete packages to choose from depending on the size of the group and budget.

We have well-trained coaches who will tell you about techniques and safety. Always new, fresh Segways completely equipped for all types of weather. All tours must be booked in advance for parties of at least 5 up to 12 persons.

Age requirement is 15 years old.

  • All Segway activities are entered into entirely at your own risk and we take no responsibility for any personal injury.Driving a Segway is prohibited if you are affected by alcohol or other drugs.You must always follow the instructions given by our coach in traffic.Where damage is caused due to negligent driving, we will charge you for it.All Segway activities are at your own risk and we will not be held responsible for any personal injuries.
The technology built into a Segway consists of intelligent sensors, robust mechanical components and a steering mechanism that maintains balance and allows you to ride on two wheels.

When you climb onto a Segway, five electrostatic gyros and two accelerometers instantly detect the slope of the surface you are on and the way you are standing on the machine. They do this 100 times a second!

If you stand upright on a Segway, without leaning in any direction, it will stand still and maintain the balance. If you lean forward, backward or to the side, your Segway will immediately recognise this and compensate for the movement by going in that direction at exactly the speed you want. If you stand straight up, it will gently come to a stop.


We begin by getting you to drive your Segway in a car-free area where there is plenty of room for you to get to know how to drive it. We later meet up at the Skyview Center to travel 130 metres up to Stockholm’s coolest outlook point! You get to experience Stockholm 130 metres above sea level in glass gondolas on the outside of Globen.

When we return to the ground level, our Segways are waiting for us to take us back to the depot. We end our tour with a glass of sparkling Champagne. The tour takes about 90 minutes including all the practical aspects.

Minimum number/charge: 5 persons

675kr /person



We take you on a wonderful tour through incredible architecture, along the beachfront in Hammarby Sjöstad. There is minimal traffic and perfect loopways for the Segway. We take a short break at a cafe to have a quick coffee and to stretch our legs. Then we slowly take ourselves home.
The tour takeds about 90 minutes, including all practical aspects.

Minimum number/charge: 5 persons

520kr /person



You will be split into two or more groups to compete in a slalom segway race. Which team will come first? A very entertaining activity for all groups. We will be outdoors so mind your clothes depending on the weather. Age limit 15 years.

The race takes around 30 minutes including practice.
Minimum number/charge: 8 persons

195kr /person



  • Alla dagar 11:00 – 20:00

(Obs! 15-års gräns på lördagar)

Bokningsbart för grupper även andra tider! Ring eller maila.

Dubbelkart: (1 st) 7 år tillsammans med vuxen. Barnkart: 9 år och 135 cm. Vuxenkart: 15 år. 18-års åldersgräns utan målsman.


08-744 41 00

Rökerigatan 23 vid Tele2 Arena. T-bana Globen. 121 62 Johanneshov