GO-KART: Drop-In & Race

For all groups, friends, stag parties/bridal showers and corporate events, where advance bookings are a requirement, we have a number of ready-made race packages to choose from – see below – depending on group size and budget. We can always provide equipment such as helmets and overalls. And if you get a little sweaty during the race, we also offer shower facilities available, together with soap and bath towels.


  • Kids’ Karts for children 9 years old and 135 cm tall.
  • Adult karts available from 15 years and up.
  • Minimum age: 15 years on Saturdays except school holidays.
  • Double-karts available for 7 year-olds accompanied by an adult.
  • Our rules are for your safety and must be followed. If you break these rules, you stand the risk of being suspended from the track. No refund will be made if your race is terminated because of your breaking the rules. Where damage is caused to our equipment due to negligent driving, we will charge you for it in accordance with the list of prices current at the time.
  • For safety reasons, all drivers must understand Swedish or English.
  • All drivers must have registered and taken part in a run-through of flags and rules.
  • All go-kart driving is entirely at your own risk and we take no responsiblity for any personal injury.
  • You are prohibited from driving a go-kart if you are affected by alcohol or other drugs.
  • Long hair must be put up and secured inside the helmet. No scarves are permitted to be worn.
  • You must always take care and drive slowly in the pit. No more than walking speed in the pit area is allowed.
  • You are prohibited from starting the engine yourself. Only staff at the centre are permitted to start and stop the engine of your go-kart.
  • ALWAYS drive the 1st lap slowly to get to know the track and the car.
  • It is absolutely forbidden to drive in the reverse direction of the track or in any otherwise careless manner.
  • It is forbidden to drive into or ram other drivers’ karts.
  • When overtaking other drivers you must do so in a safe manner.
  • It is absolutely forbidden to drive into or ram other drivers into the plastic barriers.
  • Always remain in the car if something happens to you or the car. Raise your hand, wait for assistance.
  • When you pass the chequered flag, DROP YOUR SPEED and drive directly to the pit.

         Our Flags:

  • YELLOW FLAG – Something has happened! Drop your speed to a crawl until the danger is past.
  • RED FLAG – There has been a failure in the system or some serious damage. Stop your go-kart immediately!
  • BLUE FLAG – There is a quicker driver behind you. Pull over and let him/her go past!
  • BLACK FLAG – A serious failure has taken place in your go-kart or you have broken our rules. Drive directly to the pit and wait for the competition manager.
  • CHEQUERED FLAG – The race is over. Drop your speed and drive straight to the pit!



These 7-minute intervals are NOT bookable. Please call before you arrive to check whether the track is available. We organise our visitors according to age and experience and we make every effort to ensure that your group is on the track at the same time. For safety reasons, all drivers must understand Swedish or English.

7 min drop-in. 150 kr
3×7 min drop-in. 400 kr



Minimum field: 6
Our smallest and least expensive race for smaller groups who are in a hurry to get away.
– Review of rules –
– Qualification 7 min –
– Final 10 laps –

SEK 350/person



Minimum field: 6
A race for those who are not so experienced.
– Review of rules –
– Qualification 10 min –
– Final 15 laps –
– Award ceremony –

SEK 450/person



Minimum field: 6
Our most popular individual competition.
– Review of rules –
– Warm-up: 7 min –
– Qualification: 7 min –
– Final 15 laps –
– Award ceremony –

SEK 550/person



Minimum field: 6
An individual competition with an extra qualifying heat. There’s a lot of karting in this race.
– Review of rules –
– Warm-up: 7 min –
– Qualifying heat 1: 7 min –
– Qualifying heat 2: 7 min –
– Final 15 laps –
– Award ceremony –

SEK 650 /person



Minimum field: 6
Our toughest race for the more experienced driver. Count on long workouts and muscle pain.
– Review of rules –
– Warm-up: 7 min –
– Qualifying heat: 15 min –
– Final 20 laps –
– Award ceremony –

SEK 690 /person



Minimum field: 6
Team competition suitable for larger groups. Non-stop race with fast driver changes reminiscent of relay races. We run 60, 90 or 120 min depending on group size.
– Review of rules and techniques –
– Team competition –
– Non-stop 60–120 min –
– Award ceremony –

SEK 1,500 /car /hour



Minimum field 20. A business package for the somewhat larger company. Fully-fledged Go-kart race where the best team takes first place on the podium. Ends with dinner.
– Review of rules and techniques –
– Endurance Pro race –
– Buffet dinner and drinks –
– Coffee and cake –
– Award ceremony –

SEK 790 /person + VAT



Monday-Thursday 14.00-20.00
Friday-Sunday 11.00-20.00

Bookable by groups also other times. E-mail or call us!


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